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Melany Druian Teeth Whitening
The teeth whitening system is a system using the wy10 dynamic diffusion led light. This is the latest tooth whitening technology system on the market. The whitening system provides incredible results and the light is compact and wearable, which allows freedom of movement during the procedure. The temperature of the light is controlled so that no harm is done to the tooth. The whitening gel is also the most advanced on the market using a pure form of hydrogen peroxide with an organic chemical activator. We have home teeth whitening systems available as well.
Soon you will be all smiles ahead of the rest - happy whitening.

• This is a power tooth whitening system guaranteed 8 shades lighter in just 1 hour
• Done by professionally trained oral hygienists
• No post operative pain results seen immediately
• Registered and tested by the International association of Dental research (more info)
• Dynamic Diffusion Technology
• Research from Prof Ren of Rochester University USA
• Orange juice 84% worse for teeth than whitening see faq

2011 Prices
Power tooth whitening
Up to 10 shades lighter
Maintenance tooth whitening

Melany Druian Tooth Whitening is the agent for WY10 SA.

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